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    LBTC tickerLightning Bitcoin ticker is LBTC. You are right if you noticed that some coins have similar ticker or differ only by one letter. Litebitcoin (LBTC, LBTCX) and Bitcoin Lightning (BLT) are coins that are not related to Lightning Bitcoin. Please be careful and check the spelling before any manipulation with cryptocurrencies. When LBTC fork happen? Lightning Bitcoin fork took place at the block 499,999 (Dec 18th). Are LBTC and Lightning Network related? What’s the difference? Lightning Bitcoin is a hard fork of Bitcoin; Lighting Network is an off-chain protocol built on Bitcoin. It is important to underline that these projects are not related to each other. The only thing that Lightning Bitcoin and Lightning Network have in common is the desire to propose solutions to the Bitcoin scalability problem and the word “lightning” :). How to claim LBTC? How does this airdrop of LBTC work? The original bitcoin holders can claim LBTC at a 1:1 ratio if you held BTC in the wallet or the supporting exchanges at Bitcoin block 499,999. You can find the official wallet and the tutorial on our website. Where can I buy LBTC? LBTC has been listed in 9 exchanges by now: ZB.com, EXX.com, CoinEgg.com, BtcTrade.im, YoBit.net, KKEX.com, AEX.com, BCEX.ca, shuzibi.com Why price is so different in different exchanges? Some of the exchanges haven’t install LBTC wallet yet. This situation should be solved in March. How to mine/forge/become a bookkeeping node? First you need to download the wallet and register as delegate. One address can register as one delegate. Then you can vote for yourself or ask others to vote for you. The number of votes is the number of LBTC held by the voting address. The top 101 addresses that get the highest number of votes can be regarded as bookkeeping nodes. The ranking and votes can be seen in the block explorer. Will it be open source? Currently, the Light Wallet is open source: https://github.com/lbtcio. The rest of codes will be open source once the mainnet is stable. The LBTC open source press conference will be held in Shanghai on June 21st, 2018. More information will be shared on our social media channels. What are the Lightning Bitcoin wallets? ①Full-node wallet can be downloaded from the website; ②Download light wallets on the website; ③bying wallet; ④Cobo Wallet;⑤Bitpie Wallet;⑥HyperPay;⑦Coldlar How to get the LBTC back if they were sent to a segwit address by mistake? LBTC mainnet doesn't support segwit! If a LBTC was sent to a segwit address, it will be lost forever. Therefore, NEVER SEND YOUR LBTC TO A SEGWIT ADDRESS! How to get information on Lightning Bitcoin? Wechat Public Number: LightningBTC; Official website: LBTC.io / LightningBitcoin.io Telegram (News Channel): https://t.me/LightningBTC_news Telegram (English): https://t.me/LightningBTC Telegram (Russian): https: //t.me/Lightning_Bitcoin_LBTC Telegram (Chinese): https://t.me/LightningBTC_CN LBTC Fans (Chinese): http://lbtcfans.com/ Medium :https://medium.com/ lightning-bitcoin-blog E-mail: support@lightningbitcoin.io
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    Is Yobit or Coin egg running a different chain of LBTC? If not, can you at ask coinegg to "pick up their slack" as they are not even allowing deposits!
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