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  2. Light wallet sync problem solution: 1. Rename the LTBCWallet folder in the C:\Users\$username\AppData\Roaming\ directory, such as LBTCWallet.bak 2. download and restart the newest light wallet to create a new wallet by importing a mnemonic or private key Note: In step 2, the new wallet will be re-synchronized after it is created. This may take up to 5-10 minutes.
  3. 轻钱包不能同步问题解决方案: 1. 将C:\Users\$username\AppData\Roaming\目录下的LBTCWallet文件夹重命名,如LBTCWallet.bak 2. 重新启动轻钱包通过导入助记词或者私钥建立新钱包 注:在步骤1中,$username为widows的用户名,且路径中不要包含中文 在步骤2中,新钱包建立后会重新同步数据,这个大概要等10分钟左右
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    Hello everybody!

    现在默认的转账费用变高了,你的意思是我可以手动调节转账费用到0.00001吗? 答: 理论上可以,但有可能你的交易会被网络拒绝,具体要看你交易的实际大小。具体算法可以参考比特币针对交易费的计算方式。 轻钱包中在转账时默认的转账费是个估算值,你可以手动调节转账费,但不要调节的太低 ! 若费用太低交易虽然可以发出去,但会被网络拒绝的。
  5. Taurus

    Hello everybody!

    The test network is online and open source is ongoing.
  6. Taurus

    Hello everybody!

    I’m from LBTC’s technical team. You can discuss any opinion about dev with us here