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    此文截取耳朵财经: “几乎是短短一个月之内,LBTC总共在5个钱包(分别是Bying、COBO、KCash、Bitpie、Hyperpay)和5个交易所(DigiFinex、BtcTrade、Coinegg、AEX、Firefox)上架交易。总有一种在攒大招的感觉,上线动作之迅捷令人咂舌。必然是前期做好了充足的准备,才能在这一个月内完成一系列的爆发。接下来LBTC应该还会陆续开放更多交易平台。作为快讯媒体只好发这种超级长的标题来报道了。 在两周前,LBTC还公布了一个重磅消息,他们将举办101个超级节点竞选,根据目前已公布的信息,许多行业内有名机构、矿池、钱包都加入了超级节点的竞选,像是节点资本、创世资本、库神钱包、BTCC等等等等。按照LBTC之前的表现,最近没有发表更多的消息估计又是等着集中式的消息爆发。有人说LBTC竞选超级节点是在模仿EOS,因为同样采用DPOS机制,采用竞选的方式倒也无可厚非,况且波场、唯链都在进行超级节点的竞选,对于超级节点的运作把控,其实是有利于项目更好的生态建设。这也算是几年币圈的一大热点,不知道LBTC这波操作能给它带来怎样的效应。 LBTC目前在各个交易所来看交易量最多可达每日100多个BTC,全网平均价格约为200左右,较为稳定。小编认为不久之后的LBTC超级节点竞选时期应该是LBTC最活跃的时刻,5月这些登陆交易平台的不断动作一定是为了后期更大动作所做的准备。各位小伙伴,话就说到这里,剩下的就自己吧!”
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    【Weekly】LBTC weekly report

    Important Milestone LBTC was listed on several wallets! May 3rd, Kcash wallet announced the listing of LBTC and launched a series of strategic partnerships with LBTC. Then May 4, Hyperpay, Bitpie wallets listed LBTC too! Users using Kcash wallet for LBTC transfers need no fees. One will also receive the corresponding LBTC interest if you deposit LBTC in Kcash wallet. Hyperpay and Bitpie are going to hold more activities soon, so stay tuned! Kcash: kcash.com Hyperpay: hyperpay.tech Bitpie: bitpie.com Trade LBTC on new exchanges! Start from May 4th, users can deposit and withdraw LBTC on AEX and Coinegg. There're also LBTC airdrop activities on both platform! Coinegg: coinegg.com AEX: aex.com Technical Improvement This week we optimized the LBTC network configuration to facilitate the testing of the test network. We also optimized some functions of the light wallet, and carried out in-depth research on the operation of the DPOS mechanism based on UTXO in the LBTC protocol layer. Welcome more developers to join LBTC's Discord technology exchange group to promote the rapid development of LBTC technology. The technical team optimized functions and debugged some problems. Added the function of viewing the status of delegates in the block explorer. The respond data of "gettransactionnew" command has added delegate information. We adjusted and optimized the block data synchronization time and fixed the occasional no forging problem of v1.1.1 full node wallets. The light wallet is optimized in the UI by removing the manual input box of transaction fee to prevent the user from inputting very low transaction fee which make the transaction can't be packed. By modifying the calculation method of transaction fee, users can transfer LBTC at a lower cost under the base that the transactions can be carried out. We are still working with more exchanges and wallets! Announcements Bitpie joins LBTC super node election May 9th, Bitpie wallet announced in a live broadcast of "Bitpie courses" that it would take part in the LBTC super node election. With strong technical strength on blockchain and years of experience from operate bither wallet, Bitpie is devoted to be a service provider to bring global users with safe asset management and broad blockchain application access. With Bitpie, users can trade assets with others or use their asset in more coming scenarios meanwhile keep their asset 100% self-controllable. By emphasizing the importance of asset safety, Bitpie put great effort on security and receive a good reputation in this respect. Therefore their bitcoin wallet “Bither” is listed on bitcoin.org as recommended wallet. For the LBTC super node election, Bitpie announced it would give its full support to the LBTC ecosystem and provide LBTC users with the most convenient and efficient services. Community Progress LBTC is to introduce the Committee system LBTC intends to introduce the Committee system, implement on-chain governance, solve the relationship among forging delegates, developers and currency holders, leading LBTC into the blockchain 3.0 era. Join the forum and discuss with us! Article link: http://chat.lbtc.io/topic/64-lbtc实施链上治理的必要性 Community celebrates International May Holiday May 1 was International Labour Day. For the celebration of international labor and Russian May special festival, LBTC community launched the holiday congratulations. Wish all LBTC global enthusiasts had a happy holiday! Calligrapher Liang sent a blessing to LBTC An enthusiast in the LBTC forum posted: "Calligrapher Zhanping Liang's greeting: LBTC 10,000 dollar" to propagandize LBTC. We can see that LBTC has been known by more and more users and gained wider popularity. LBTC also supports fans to propagandize LBTCs in various fields to build a better community environment, and LBTC will reward members of the community for their contributions. Community Activity Jack Zhang creates personal Weibo account LBTC Chinese community leader Jack Zhang created a personal account on Weibo: 点付大头-ChainFunder. Welcome to follow Jack Zhang's Weibo, and interac with him. Hyperpay airdop LBTC for free! Hyperpay wallet launches the activity ofairdroping LBTC for free. Please refer to the following poster, scanning the QR code can download the wallet. Lucky registered users can obtain 0.5LBTC! Time: 5.8-5.12 Jack Zhang participated in CEIBS Forum The 9th China-EU Private Wealth Investment Forum was successfully held on May 5, 2018 at the Shanghai campus of China Europe International Business School. Jack Zhang, on behalf of LBTC, attended the forum and shared ideas as an invited guest. Global economic expectations for 2018 are optimistic and growth speed is expected to reach its highest level since 2010. More than 20 policy thinkers, economists and financial leaders gathered on the campus of CEIBS to interpret the 2018 private investment strategy. More than 400 CEIBS alumni, corporate executives, investors and the media were present. During the meeting, Jack Zhang gave the presentation of "block chain investment logic", and explained the valuation model and investment logic of blockchain.
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  7. 这一看就是韭菜,市场决定价格,不是你想价格上去就能上去的,即使拉盘割韭菜,大佬也会选择市场好的时候拉