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  1. 1. Site: https://lbtcscan.io/ 2. Team members: Dmitrii Maximov - technical specialist. 3. About team: I have extensive knowledge in conducting business, programming and crypto-currencies. My contribution to LBTC: Developed first LBTC pool (lbtc-pool.io). Moderating LBTC Telegram channels and ban about 100 scammer accounts. Developed alternative node monitor and block explorer: https://lbtcscan.io/ https://explorer.lbtcscan.io/ 4. Voting address: 1PQHkJ5MJbPbABVhSegGC8nrQt4AFSwYWY 5. LBTC support plans: Promotion of LBTC in Russia Moderating LBTC Telegram channels (https://t.me/LightningBTC https://t.me/LightningBTC_CN https://t.me/Lightning_Bitcoin_LBTC) Support and contribute alternative delegate monitor and block explorer: https://lbtcscan.io/ https://explorer.lbtcscan.io/ 6. Contacts: Telegram: https://t.me/lbtc_alpha (30 members)
  2. Reserved Will update when network is up.
  3. Price is 0.006 BTC by 1 LBTC Best way - message me in WeChat or Telegram @KryptoDima (https://t.me/KryptoDima)
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