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  1. The team is actively developing the mobile version of LBTC wallet. It will provide the maximum security and voting functionality. Stay Tuned!
  2. 我来发明一个共识机制:Proof of Breath 呼吸证明,呼吸即挖矿
  3. 大家拿好LBTC,以后身价超过西红柿首富🤑
  4. 期待LBTC的去中心化交易所
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    比特币十日谈 第四期 2018-08-05

  6. LBTC,月球我都看不上了,带我上火星
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    LBTC Network Upgrade Announcement

    LBTC Network Upgrade Announcement The Node Election and TimeLock code have been tested and uploaded to the network. Due to the safety concern for those LBTCs locked inside the hot wallets, the LBTC team will apply the multi-signature technology to add extra safety for Lightning Nodes. According to the election rule, holding a minimum of 5000 LBTCs is one of the requirements for participating in the Lightning Node Election. This requirement will further motivate the nodes to stabilize the network and contribute to the LBTC ecosystem. At the same time, with the development of the LBTC ecosystem and support from our community, the LBTC team might adjust the election rule based on multiple factors, including the market performance and LBTC circulation. LBTC’s mainnet will complete the upgrade by next week. Thank you all for your patience and support. 1. Mainnet Upgrade Execution Time At 11:00 a.m. August 9, 2018 2. Full Node Wallet Upgrade Instruction The instruction is below: -Backup the original wallet make sure to backup the wallet data -Quit wallet -Delete wallet data -Download the latest wallet from the official website -Unzip the file -Run the program -Load the wallet -After syncing the data, start mining Syncing time: data syncing time is around 3 days Server requirement: 4 cores, 8G, 10M Bandwidth (Recommend) 3. Mining Node Deposit Instruction Delegate Address:1MiHRFLWa3Rb65DFG38L2Ewny3wNdnYkhs Delegate Name:Test Note: considering the complexity of multi-signature technology, direct deposit is also an optional solution. The difference between them is that the former offers cold wallet addresses whereas the latter only offers hot wallets (DPoS consensus mechanism requires that mining nodes use private keys for mining activities). We strongly recommend the multi-signature solution for mining activities. 1-Direct Deposit Note: 1)If there are too many small changes inside your wallet, you might not be able to transfer 5000 LBTCs all at once. You can try to split the total amount and transfer them in multiple times. 2)When the mining nodes are under attack, those hackers may transfer LBTCs to other addresses. However, if you use the multi-signature technology while getting attacked, the LBTCs in that wallet can not be stolen even though the private keys are exposed to the hackers. 2-Deposit using the multi-signature technology 2.1) Generate A Wallet Address If you don’t have a wallet address, use the code below to generate a new address Note: Better not to use a delegate node mining machine to generate the address. Try to use a new wallet to generate the new address. 2.2) Lookup The Address’s Public Key 2.3) Generate A Multi-Signature Address Rules: 1 Use 2/2 model 2 If the order of public key is different, the multi-sig address generated will be different as well. 2.4) Transfer Coins to A Multi-Sig Address Note: keep a record of transaction hash from a multi-signature address for searching purpose. Losing the transaction hash might cause the coins unusable. 2.5) Use The Coins from Multi-Signature Address In order to make a deposit to the multi-signature address successfully, you need to use the coin from that address first. 2.5.1) Search Transactions 2.5.2) Generate Transactions For instance: Assume that there is 0.1 LBTC in a multi-signature wallet, transfer 0.08 LBTC to my5ioJEbbhMjRzgyQpcnq6fmbfUMQgTqMZ, transfer 0.01 LBTC to the delegate 1MiHRFLWa3Rb65DFG38L2Ewny3wNdnYkhs, reserve 0.01 LBTC as mining fees. ./bitcoin-cli createrawtransaction “[{\”txid\”:\”be1c5a50d1c2033225f35316230b73b47496c8ecb50284285db49744fa6da3ad\”,\”vout\”:1}]” “{\”my5ioJEbbhMjRzgyQpcnq6fmbfUMQgTqMZ\”:0.08,\”1MiHRFLWa3Rb65DFG38L2Ewny3wNdnYkhs\”:0.01}” 02ff000001ada36dfa4497b45d288402b5ecc89674b4730b231653f3253203c2d1505a1cbe0100000000ffffffff0140420f00000000001976a914e3314674386c289a002f674c631a4c7a0c758bbf88ac00000000 Note: be1c5a50d1c2033225f35316230b73b47496c8ecb50284285db49744fa6da3ad, hash for 0.1 LBTC transaction to the multi-signature address 2. screen shot “this parameter sets the cost” 3. “{\”1MiHRFLWa3Rb65DFG38L2Ewny3wNdnYkhs\”:0.01}”,this address is for change. You must set up this address yourself, otherwise you may lose coins. 4. need to reserve mining fees 2.5.3) Add A Multi-Signature Address in The Wallet 2.5.4) Sign A Transaction use the first private key to sign the transaction Then, use the second private key to sign the previous data 2.5.5) Send Transactions Use “sendrawtransaction” command line to send the highlighted data to the network. 2.6) Deposit to A Multi-Signature Address 2.7) Search Delegate’s Holding Amount 4. Advisory Multi-signature technology plays a critical role for asset security. For more details, please contact LBTC assistant Wechat account: chain11223344
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    比特币十日谈 第三期 2018-7-24

  9. Since the bear market is long, it’s more important than ever to focus on building the community. Currently, the LBTC team is actively promoting new technologies. After upgrading the network for node election, a new token issue function will be added to the network along with payment gateway. We appreciate the community members who supporting us all the way in this bear market. We believe that Lightning Bitcoin will shine eventually with the mission of becoming a fully decentralized internet-of-value protocol. It has been more than two months since our contributors get rewarded through the Lightning Program. Below is the list of contributors who have made significant contributions to our community since then. Later on, the brand new bounty program website will be live which will make our community members easy to participate in our Lightning Program. Everyone is welcome to join our community and make contribution to the Lightning Bitcoin ecosystem. The First Place: 117 (Wechat Name) Contributions :Operates 7 LBTC Wechat groups with average 320 people per group. 117 promots LBTC related news, issues daily Crypto summaries and manages Wechat public account called “LBTC Fans” Rewards: 40 LBTC The Second Place: Dmitri Contributions:Operates and manages lbtcscan.io and explorer.lbtcscan.io, manages English telegram group. Built telegram bot. Chen Tuo (Wechat) Contributions: translated five English reports, published two high quality articles on the Forum, commented on two articles and operated one high quality Wechat group. Mathilda Contributions: helped to manage Wechat groups, promoted LBTC related articles, managed Toutiao account called “区块链1111111” with 27 posts. Published two articles on 8btc.com. Manages 1 wechat group. Rewards: 35 LBTC The Third Place: Seven (Wechat Name) Contributions: Senior LBTC community operator, operates 6 Wechat groups with average 180 per group. Published 10 LBTC related articles. Suredaly (Wechat Name) Contributions: published 10 LBTC related articles in the Forum, operates Wechat public account called “LBTC Fans” with 10 published articles. The Fourth Place Sywlion Contributions: Published 5 LBTC related articles, operates 1 Wechat group, and many other articles on multiple social platforms. Rewards: 25 LBTC The Fifth Place Mr Maotai (Wechat) Contributions: Senior Community member, operates 2 Wechat groups with average 243 members per group; operates one QQ group Huang Kaiquan (Wechat) Contributions: Active community member, operates 7 Wechat groups with average 105 members per group. Promotes positive energy in the community Zhuang Qi Contributions: Jinse writer, published two high quality articles with high reviews. LBTC fans gathering place Contributions: Bihu writer, published two high quality articles with high reviews. Rewards: 20 LBTC The Sixth Place Gary Contributions: translated the ANN into Italian Rewards: 15 LBTC The Seventh Place Sion Contributions: active community members, operates one LBTC Wechat group Shanhei Designer Contributions: Webo Designer, design LBTC related pictures Rewards: 12 LBTC Special Rewards: Qincheng Contributions: Hardcare LBTC fan, helps to promote more than 170 LBTC related news Rewards: 5 LBTC Chris Osgood Contributions: raised a technical question on GitHub Rewards: 5 LBTC Please add the following Wechat account for claim your rewards: chain11223344, telegram contact: kristikbot1, or leave your LBTC address. After confirmation, the rewards will be issued within 3 days. We will keep promoting our Lightning Program. Please let us know if there are any other major contributors who are not on this list. If you have any objections about the rewards, please reach us. The Lightning Program will keep improving as the project moving forward. We will evaluate every suggestion from the community and hope that you will be more patient with us.