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  1. Lightning Bitcoin Network has been re-launched back! The issue is fixed, new full node and light wallet upgrades are released. Download wallet upgrade version on the official website lbtc.io v0.0.5 light wallet v1.1.0 full node wallet Full node wallet upgrade steps: #stop forging ./bitcoin-cli stopforging 2. #stop bitcoind ./bitcoin-cli stop 3. #copy wallet cp ~/.bitcoin/wallet.dat ./ 4. #download new program http://downloadwallet.lbtc.io/index.php/s/fOgwzsjqzEkrSaF/download 5. #start bitcoind ./bitcoind -txindex 6. #import privkey ./bitcoin-cli importprivkey yourprivkey “” true 7. #start forging ./bitcoin-cli startforging yourprivkey Forking block height is at 1334360 Block hash: b32f45cff9c7f726410e7e9139f6fd305c7fab6900268f10ffab766c46eb4e6b Mainnet optimizations: 1. optimize lbtc full node wallet start process, make new wallet start faster 2. resolve lbtc full node error record about voter 3. remove tx_index option when start lbtc full node wallet, make lbtc full node start in tx_index mode directly 4.add chinese lauguage support in light wallet GUI For the good of Lightning Bitcoin users, the LBTC team took the issue seriously — test were executed thoroughly and evaluated strictly. We really appreciate LBTC community’ patience and support during this period. It’s your considerations and support that helped us to evolve from day to day. Let’s witness Lightning Bitcoin’s new journey together!
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