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  1. Milestones The LBTC bounty program has entered the final testing stage and will be officially launched next week. You are welcome to participate in the bounty program and make contributions to the LBTC community while getting rewards. Technical Improvements After the network upgrade for node election, the LBTC team will add a token issue function for users. At the same time, the LBTC team will also release a Windows version of full node wallet. For Lightning Node Election, a multi-signature function will be added to the original plan, which can add additional security for Lightning Nodes. A new function called getdelegaefunds is added to full node wallet for searching nodes’ LBTC holding amounts. The Windows version full node wallet has been completed and entered the stage of testing. It is expected to release next week. Announcements Code Upgrade for Node Election has been postponed. After considering the more upcoming network upgrades within a short period of time, which would add lots of workloads to our users, the LBTC team has postponed the full node wallet upgrade. Thank you all for understanding and support. Link: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/-iHlVFesltHNLKi-ZLsMOA The Lightning Node Election The LBTC team has announced a list of qualified candidates. Considering their contributions to the LBTC community, the LBTC team will vote for those who wants to become lightning nodes. Each candidate will get votes from the inactive addresses. However, each candidate can only have one wallet address to participate in the election: Medium: https://medium.com/lightning-bitcoin-blog/lightning-node-elections-and-network-upgrade-instructions-1f29ab9625c0?source=linkShare-b7554939b4ba-1532590530 Link: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/-iHlVFesltHNLKi-ZLsMOA Community Progress LBTC’s List.Wiki page is created LBTC’s list.Wiki page has been created. List.Wiki focuses on cryptocurrencies and has detailed introductions on hundreds of cryptocurrencies. The LBTC list.wiki page has 11 categories, which give a comprehensive introduction on LBTC. The contents include LBTC’s origin, mission, goals and so on. Welcome to check the page and learn more about LBTC. Link: http://list.wiki/Lightning_Bitcoin_(LBTC) LBTC’s Facebook page has created LBTC’s Facebook page has created and published multiple posts. Welcome to leave a comment on the page! Link: https://www.facebook.com/LightningBTC/ Jinse Finance and Economics published an article called “Whether On-Chain Governance Era is Coming” The article argues that “On-Chain Governance” is a complex problem that is formed in the context of the existing governance structure. After analyzing EOS, Tezos and LBTC, the article suggests that LBTC’s On-Chain Governance concept is highly integrated. However, if it is not implemented properly, it may be end up into chaos, just like EOS. Link: https://www.jinse.com/bitcoin/216900.html Bihu: Fans Gathering Place published an article called “Top Student: Lightning Bitcoin” The article suggests that the key of fork lies in the innovation. LBTC is an innovative bitcoin fork because it’s based on UTXO model with DPoS mechanism, on-chain governance, payment gateway and smart contracts. Link: https://bihu.com/article/946653 LBTC Fans Published Interview with the LBTC’s core Developer. LBTC Community Account: LBTC Fans interviewed LBTC’s core developer, WHH. During the interview, he confirmed with the LBTC roadmap and answered multiple questions related to “gateway” from the community. He explained the mechanism behind payment gateway in details. Link: Join us on 8btc! Welcome to visit 8btc forum and publish articles to promote LBTC, or leave comments under LBTC related posts. We are thankful for community supporter “sywlion” who took the lead in publishing. 8btc forum, established in 2011, has grown into the biggest blockchain/cryptocurrency community in China where blockchain developers, users and investors can exchange quality views and ideas. Publishing LBTC related articles will help more people understand and support us and enhance the popularity of LBTC. Link: http://8btc.com Entrepreneur: Why Cross-Chain Technology Matters in The Crypto World Entrepreneur is a famous website that publishes information about various industries and enterprises. It also has its own electronic journals. An article entitled "Why Cross-Chain Technology Matters in The Crypto World" is published on it. The article mainly talks about the technology concept of cross-chain technology, atomic swap, side chain and interledger protocol. The author thinks Lighting Bitcoin (LBTC), the third cross-chain scheme, interledger protocol, meets the trustlessness condition and with a cryptographic condition, can also perfectly constrain the behavior of participants when exchanging non-crypto assets. Link: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/317074 Community Activities Discussion on gateway and smart contract LBTC Chinese community leader Jack Zhang started a topic on forum: Discussion on gateway and smart contract. Join the discussion now! Link: https://chat.lbtc.io/topic/125-lbtc%E7%BD%91%E5%85%B3%E5%92%8C%E6%99%BA%E8%83%BD%E5%90%88%E7%BA%A6%E6%96%B9%E6%A1%88%E6%8E%A2%E8%AE%A8/ Here’s the latest LBTC Rewards! LBTC has announced the list of LBTC Rewards from April to July. Come check out whether you’re on the list! Link: https://chat.lbtc.io/topic/133-lbtc-rewards-list-of-lightning-bitcoin-community-early-awards/ Some awesome pics from community designers Since our Instagram was set, designers from our community have provided many high-quality, interesting works! Feel free to use these materials for LBTC promotion or content creation. Welcome to send us more of your works. It’s time to show your talent! Find more fun works here: https://www.instagram.com/lightningbitcoin_officia!
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