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  1. 【议案内容】提议去掉分叉前的块高数据,禁止继续领取剩余无成本的LBTC 【提议者】never 【议案创建时间】2018年09月21日 【议案投票时间】2018年9月21日-30日 【状态】投票中 提交此项议案原因如下: 1. LBTC价格如此大幅度走低和大量代币无成本抛盘有莫大关系,这是毫无争议的事实; 2. 熊市行情下,维护现有社区利益是首要的。现在如此熊市现状下,如果不进行策略调整,很难让社区所有人坚信LBTC项目还能持续下去获取额外的用户; 3. 基于BTC分叉获取一部分社区基础已经不适合目前的LBTC项目现状。对比市场状况,比特币社区维护转化到LBTC社区的,必然是极少数; 4. LBTC项目定位已不止支付,分叉的概念已并不合适项目本身,去掉数据更符合项目发展的需要; 5. 去掉分叉前的块高数据,将减少掉近200G的数据,大大地方便了全节点钱包的使用和普及,也使项目接入更多平台奠定了更好的基础; 6. 一定程度上,可与当初“分叉”概念拉开差距。不可否认的事实,分叉概念在如此行情下,并不为佳。 议案通过的风险: 1. 和当初项目愿景有部分违背之处,可能会失去一部分对此信仰度较高的忠实用户; 2. 一旦去掉分叉前的块高数据,将失去一部分未来潜在的用户,但这部分基数不会太大; 3. 一定程度上,失去未来分叉板块二级市场的更多联动可能性。 社区角度分析: 对比利弊得失,毫无疑问,对LBTC现有社区好处远远大于坏处。项目的机会在牛市,但问题的关键在于项目是否能熬过熊市。项目仍在按路线计划推进,值得欣慰,但不考虑当下社区利益的一致性,于公于私都是不可接受的。 综合如上,在此呼吁: 已在客户端提出此议案,投票时间2018年09月20日-30日。在此,向LBTC社区呼吁,尤其LBTC大户持有者,请认真考虑此项提议。项目如计划推进实现初步的链上治理投票,这是非常好的机会来保证社区自身利益的机会,请一定参与此项议案的投票。 本人和社区其他支持者一样,一直关注LBTC项目。熊市不易,如果我们自己不能很好地参与维护自身利益,那还能期待谁?所附截图,是当初和中国社区负责人点付大头提建议时我个人写的点想法。我相信此议案一旦通过将意义重大,推动执行是必要的。 本人将尽自己所能去社区宣传此议案,尽可能和大户沟通,希望社区的各位看到一样能积极参与进来,请一定投赞成票! 以下是借助工具翻译的英文。希望海外社区的朋友看到,或者社区帮忙转发让大家都参与进来。多投票,如果通过,团队能执行起来,真心觉得对项目有很大好处。 Proposal: Remove the data before block 499,999 of LBTC Content: Suggest removing the data before block 499,999 of LBTC, stop claiming LBTC without cost from now. Proposer:never The reasons for this proposal are as follows: 1. The fact that LBTC prices have fallen so much, the cost-free selling of a large number of LBTCs is a big reason, although all coin market is going down. 2. To protect the interests of the existing community is the most important thing. 3. To obtain the part of the community foundation of BTC is no longer suitable for the current LBTC project. 4. LBTC project’s target is not only for payment, the concept of fork is not suitable for the project itself, remove the data will be better with the needs of project development; 5. Removing the data will be helpful to expand the use by more platforms. 6. To a certain extent, the "fork" concept is not a good thing in coin market. And risks: 1.It is not same with the original vision of LBTC, and it may lose some loyal users who have a high degree of faith in LBTC. 2. Some potential future users will be lost, but this part of the cardinality will not be too large; 3. To a certain extent, it will lose the future fork plate two tier market more linkage possibilities. Like other supporters of the community, I have always been concerned about the LBTC project. Now the coin market is so bad. If we can not participate in safeguarding our own interests well, who else can we expect? The attached screenshot is my personal idea when I first made suggestions with the Chinese community leader, jack. I believe that once the case is passed, it will be of great significance to promote implementation. I will do my best to publicize this proposal in the community, as far as possible to communicate with the guys who have big amount LBTCs, I hope that everyone in the community can understand the active side for this proposal, and vote for it! And pls note, my english is not so good. I translated it by tool, there must some mistakes. Anyway, u can post here if u have problems and anything you want to talk about. But pls vote for this proposal, we need try.
  2. [Proposal Content] Implement Dynamic Fees System [Proposer] Matt Jackson [Proposal Issue Time] 2018-09-21 [Proposal Voting Period] 2018/10/08 --2018/10/19 Dear LBTC Community, Congratulations on launching the Spark governance system! A small step for human kind, but a big step for LBTC community! On-chain governance has always been a hot debate for the blockchain community. However, only a few projects are determined to make it happen. I am glad that LBTC is in the same league of Decred and Tezos. As a hardcore LBTC supporter, I have a few thoughts on the direction of the project going forward. Lightning Bitcoin is known as a very cheap way to make a payment. Currently, Transactions fees are a flat 0.01 LBTC, paid to the 101 delegates who run the nodes. It is very affordable now, but could get more expensive once the network has more applications running in the future. I propose that the LBTC team should work on a dynamic fee system that will reduce the fee considerably based on the usage. The fundamental idea behind the dynamic fees system: Transactions will no longer have a fixed fee depending on the type. A global minimum fee will be set as a constant in the protocol. This minimum fee will be reflective to the amount of LBTC per byte (size) used by transactions (LBTC/byte). Any users would be able to submit transactions as long as the fee they use is higher or equal to the minimum fee. After adopting this system, LBTC will have a free fee market in which the fees will be dynamic and self-adjusted depending on the situation of the network. In order to achieve this goal, the team would need to design a fee estimate algorithm to provide estimations depending on the transaction type, the recent status of the network and the priority of the transaction. This algorithm would be implemented to guide users regarding their chosen fees to be paid. I hope the committee would seriously consider this proposal because it will lead LBTC to a more promising development path and make the LBTC ecosystem prosper. -Truly yours Matt
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