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Weekly Report

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LightningBTC Weekly report


  • LBTC light wallet (server side & client side) source code uploaded to Github
  • LBTC light wallet upgraded to v0.0.4. Download the latest version on official website.

Technical Improvement

Full node wallet

Released v1.0.8

Light wallet

Released v0.0.4

  1. Performace improvement when user refresh vote list in MyVote tab.
  2. Performace improvement when user refresh received vote list in ReceivedVote tab.
  3. Removed vote list filter according address in MyVote Tab.
  4. Resolved wallet crash bug when sync transaction data with wallet server.
  5. Added transaction height info in history list item menu.
  6. Removed fee slider component in Send tab.
  7. Removed wallet dynamic fee feature.
  8. Removed Fee/Fiat/Identity tab in Tools->Preferences dialog.
  9. Light weight wallet open source.

Blockchain explorer

Changed “pagination” to “scroll to load” on the forging node list page.

LBTC Announcement

- LBTC wallet update

LBTC full node wallet latest version: v1.0.8

LBTC light wallet latest version: v0.0.4

- LBTC light wallet source code on GitHub now!

Welcome to check out!

- Lightning Bitcoin Forum

Lightning Bitcoin has its own forum page now! Help us to make it active and valuable for Lightning Community.

There you ask your questions, delegates can post their announcements, all kinds of topics related to Lightning Bitcoin are more then welcome!

LBTC profile image change

LBTC official WeChat channel changed the profile image today due to an all know [legislation] reason. We will keep it for some time.

The profile image change will not affect our content creation. The channel will keep on informing you on updates as before. Stay tuned!

New alternative LBTC logo (left), original LBTC logo(right)

LBTC airdrop campaign is postponed

The LBTC airdrop campaign is postponed because of force majeure. LBTC official channel will announce the new campaign time later.

Welcome to join our LBTC Chinese community Telegram

LBTC official website will be redesigned soon

lbtc.io official website

LBTC official website is in the process of redesign and the new version will be released soon!

Recently we have received reports on rumours spread in LBTC community about “LBTC took off Stan’s profile picture on the official website, as the cooperation between Bitshares and LightningBTC is cancelled”.

Let us clarify on it. 1) The current website version has never put up Stan Larimer’s profile. 2) Lightning Bitcoin is still in good cooperation with Stan Larimer.

LBTC OTC Trading risk

Along with information about OTC trading and forging pool deals that is published in LightningBTC community chats, we daily get complains on freaud cases. We do our best to react quickly and protect community from scammers. Please report to us immediatly! And once again:

We remind you about greater risk involved with OTC transactions! Trading LBTC over-the-counter may result in losses!

LightningBTC Weekly report on Medium and WeChat

Starting from last week, Lightning Bitcoin added English version of weekly report published in official WeChat channel and Medium blog.

Meanwhile, we’re planning to add Russian and Spanish versions to enhance LBTC international community. Any other languages to add? Write us your opinion in the comments below!

Medium blog icon is added on Lightning Bitcoin official website under “media” menu. If you like the blog, we’d be grateful if you can “clap“ for our post and spread the words to more people.

LBTC Community Activity

Jack Zhang attended ASEAN blockchain summit on behalf of Lightning Bitcoin

Time: 2018.3.7

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

ASEAN Blockchain Summit, (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

2018.3.7, 2018 ASEAN Blockchain Summit — hosted by Cambodia blockchain industry development association and Entapay, co-organized by Lianjin Finance, Jinse Finance, Dolphin Blockchain, Future Finance, Lianxiang Finance — was held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

This conference attended Men Sam An, the deputy Prime Minister of Kingdom of Cambodia, and many other influential experts in blockchain industry.

Man Sam An, the deputy Prime Minister of Kingdom of Cambodia

On ASEAN Blockchain Summit, Jack Zhang represented Lightning Bitcoin and was honoured to deliver a speech referred to Lighting Bitcoin mission, technical development and project vision.


The event aims to create the first world-class “international digital special economic zone” and build an excellent blockchain platform for the establishment and development of blockchain enterprises. The Association intends to lead ASEAN countries to take a proactive part in the new round of financial science competition and help to facilitate the development of intellectual economy worldwide.



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