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Lightning Bitcoin
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How to Run Lightning BTC Node and Start Mining by Daniel Wang

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Founder of Loopring Foundation Daniel Wang shared in his blog clear instruction on how to forge Lightning Bitcoin


Original link:

I invested 50 BTC into Lighting BTC (LBTC), so during the weekend I tried to mine LBTC for fun.

Install and Run

1. Start an EC2 Server

Without prior knowledge, I chose a x1e.4xlarge instance and added 400G SSD storage.


2. Secure My Server

I need to setup the firewall to secure my server.

sudo ufw allow ssh
sudo ufw allow 8333
sudo ufw default deny incoming
sudo ufw default allow outgoing
sudo ufw enable

[edited]: Lighting network use 9333 instead of 8333.

sudo ufw allow 9333

3. Install LightingBTC software

Ligiting BTC node is being actively developed, and the documentation is really incomplete. I decided to go with bitcoin-unlimited and then replace the binaries with those downloaded on lbtc.io.

sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bitcoin-unlimited/bu-ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y bitcoind

Then I installed libraries required by LBTC, just in case they are not required by bitcoin-unlimited.

sudo apt-get install -y libzmq5 libevent-dev libboost-chrono-dev libboost-filesystem-dev libboost-program-options-dev libboost-dev libboost-all-dev

You can download bitcoind and bitcoin-cli from lbtc.io. I found there is no directly URL to download, so I downloaded them manually and put it into my own github repository. You should ALWAYS download the software from lbtc.io.

wget https://github.com/dong77/lbtcnode/raw/master/bitcoind
wget https://github.com/dong77/lbtcnode/raw/master/bitcoin-cli
chmod +x bitcoind bitcoin-cli
sudo mv bitcoind /usr/bin
sudo mv bitcoin-cli /usr/bin

4. Config Swap Space

Running a full bitcoin node uses a little over 1GB of memory, and I don’t know how much memory it needs to run a Lighting BTC node. The node I created has 16GB, but in case the one you run has less memory, I’ll make some spare “virtual memory” using swap space.

sudo fallocate -l 1g /swap1.swap
sudo chmod 0600 /swap1.swap
sudo mkswap /swap1.swap
sudo swapon /swap1.swap
sudo vi /etc/fstab

Add this line at the end of the file:

/swap1.swap  none  swap  sw  0  0

5. Add a User

I’ll make a bitcoin user account and give it the ability to use “sudo” so you can do some system administration from the bitcoin user if you want to.

sudo adduser --system --group --shell /bin/bash bitcoin
sudo usermod -a -G sudo bitcoin

6. Set up log rotation for your bitcoin logs.

This will ensure that your logs don’t grow too big and use up all your disk space.

sudo vi /etc/logrotate.d/bitcoin-debug

Enter into it:

    rotate 5

7. Configure Bitcoind

sudo mkdir /home/bitcoin/.bitcoin
sudo vi /home/bitcoin/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf

And paste the following as content:


Then copy the file so that I can use bitcoin-cli as the default “ubuntu” user.

sudo mkdir .bitcoin
sudo cp /home/bitcoin/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf .bitcoin/

8. Set Up a Systemd Service

Set up the bitcoin daemon to auto-run:

sudo vi /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants/bitcoind.service

Enter into it:

Description=Bitcoin Server
# Start main service
ExecStart=/usr/bin/bitcoind --daemon
ExecStop=/usr/bin/bitcoin-cli stop

Reboot the server:

sudo reboot

Now bitcoind should have been started automatically; or you can reload systemd and start bitcoind manually:

sudo systemctl restart bitcoind
sudo systemctl status bitcoind

If you want to stop bitcoind, use this command:

sudo systemctl stop bitcoind

Start to Mine LBTC

First I need an address:

sudo bitcoin-cli getnewaddress
sudo bitcoin-cli dumpprivkey 1L3ur9z8AydjnKdE8fXmpRTi3wtxcWJ2eJ

I need to backup the private key printed by this command.

sudo bitcoin-cli register 1L3ur9z8AydjnKdE8fXmpRTi3wtxcWJ2eJ loopring
error code: -6
error message:
Insufficient funds

Apparently I need some LBTC to register as a miner, so I asked someone for 5 LRC. Then run the registration command again, it succeeded.

Now I’m ready to mine.

sudo bitcoin-cli startforging 1L3ur9z8AydjnKdE8fXmpRTi3wtxcWJ2eJ

Future Work

I need to ask other LBTC miners to vote for me, and I may have to vote back so we can form a partnership.


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