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[Weekly report] March 26th

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  • Lightning Bitcoin featured on NASDAQ billboard in the middle of New York’s Times Square!

Technical Improvement

Full node

  • Improved voting mechanism.

Light wallet

  • Improved light wallet’s UX.
  • Added function of storing the information of the commonly used delegates so that users can vote for them directly.

Blockchain explorer

  • Improved explorer’s UX, added funtion.
  1. Added function of information inquiry of the forging node.
  2. Testing get transaction information by address.
  3. Modified data display problem.

LBTC Announcement

Community launched block explorer

LBTC community launched new block explorer to achieve more functions.

We welcome LBTC enthusiasts join our development and operation, there are so much staff to do!

Community Progress

LBTC featured on NASDAQ billboard in the middle of New York’s Times Square


March 16th, LBTC’s propaganda video landed on “the world’s first screen” NASDAQ billboard in New York’s Time Square, sharing LBTC’s resolution with the world!

Thousands of people witnessed LBTC showing the world that we are the first DPoS fork in the history. A new Bitcoin experiment is in progress.

According to statistics, at least 476 foreign media and websites reported LBTC, including Financial Content, Silicon Investor, The Post & Mail, The Evening Leader, Wallstreet Select,The Atlantic Report, Daily Herald, NewsOk.

With more people of extraordinary ability joining in , LBTC is able to develop more fluently, and LBTC’s global influence is expected to further improve.

Jack Zhang opened the Twitter account


Jack Zhang opened his Twitter account. Welcome to follow our great Lightning Bitcoin inspirator!

Twitter interaction is increasing

With the raise of popularity, the number of LBTC twitter followers has increased significantly this week, with 450 fans/day on average. Thanks for suggesting us!


Spanish Announcement has posted on Bitcointalk

At present, we’ve posted four languages of announcement on Bitcointalk. Welcome to leave messages:

English ANN 
Russian ANN 
Chinese ANN 
Spanish ANN

LBTC Community

Interview by Walian

March 16th, Jack Zhang was interviewed by Walian on behalf of LBTC. He introduced the characteristics of LBTC, and shared his blockchain investment strategy.

“There are many forks now, but how to determine whether a fork has value? First we need to see if it can solve some problem of Bitcoin, or at least try to. It’s more meaningful if they are in line with this point.

Due to Bitcoin network congestion, the transaction fees are so high, and the time of arrival is slow, even compared with the traditional payment system such as SWIFT. LBTC has solved these two problems.

LBTC uses the DPoS mechanism, thus supports 1,000/tps now, and our goal is to achieve 1,000,000/tps in the future, so it can be used by merchants and customers.”

As for investments, I think the first is to invest in valuable projects, second, to invest for the long term.

My suggestion to new investors is to invest a little more and a little less. A little more means to invest for a wide range, including technology here and abroad; a little less is to invest every project in a little amount before your own investment logic forms. One can take out 10% of their own mobile assets to try on.

Read the article here

Jack Zhang made a bet with Kuangren

March 19th, Jack Zhang wrote a decleration in his WeChat timeline, which refers to the industry’s well-known market analysis of the self media: Cryptocurrency Trend Kuangren (Maniac).

Kuangren published an article at March 18 saying that all Bitcoin forks will turn to zero eventually, and delisted out the drop range. “Most of the altcoins make you lose 60%~80% of assets, and the forks will make this process much sooner.” Unsurprisingly, LBTC is on his list.

After seeing the article, Jack wrote a decleration in his WeChat timeline: “if LBTC really returns to zero, and be delisted by exchanges, I’ll give Kuangren 1,000 Bitcoin.” He showed the confidence of LBTC.


Read more

Interview with Darpal

March 20th, Jack gave an interview to Darpal, the founder of the famous blockchain media “Darpal Rating”.

The interview covered following topics:

  1. Introduction of LBTC team.
  2. Is there any breakthrough to solve Bitcoin’s problems?
  3. Do LBTC has pre-mine and how much?
  4. What do you think about “code hegemony” and “mining hegemony”?
  5. Is there a relationship between the core and the company holding the patent right of the Lightning Network?
  6. Suppose that in the end lightning network is popularized, will the entire Bitcoin network be completely held by the core?
  7. What do you think about Bitmain and Jihan Wu?
  8. Why does LBTC use DPoS?
  9. Will LBTC adopt smart contract?

Besides, he also shared the view of the industry and the prediction of the trend.

Here’s the article and the interview video

Interview with JGY

Interview topic: The dream keeps running, I keep chasing.

In the interview, Jack talked about Bitcoin’s past, present and future, can LBTC replace Bitcoin, problems exist in exchanges, how to promote LBTC community.

read the article

Live broadcast on BiBiNews

March 22th, The topic: The Buddhaish investment life of tycoon who got thousand-times return.

Jack talked about his investment philosophy, and answered problems from audiences, such as LBTC, different kinds of consensus mechanism, the view of domestic and foreign projects, market analysis, industry celebrities, etc.

More than 2.4million audiences have attented.

Watch the playback

Here is all the news!

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