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LBTC main network upgrade completed!

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On October 11, 2018, Lightning Bitcoin has entered a new era!  Upgrade of LBTC main network has been successfully completed, as well as the latest versions of Full-node and Light wallets.  After the integration of the SGS system, the first proposal [Remove the block high data before the fork and prohibit the claiming of the remaining LBTC] has been completed.


According to proposal, mainnet upgrade initiated modifications in LBTC network thus impacting in changes of the following aspects:


1) After the upgrade, and termination of LBTC claiming. What is the current LBTC circulation of the?

According to the Block Explorer: http://explorer.lbtc.io:9334/blockinfo?param=1&from=search

The current LBTC circulation can be estimated around 3590926 LBTC.


2) What is the current total amount of LBTC?

The existing circulation + un-claimed coins (3590926+3690000 = 7280926)


3) What is the total amount of LBTC to be forged?

The remaining forging amount cycles are consistent with Bitcoin blockchain.


4) What is the reward for each block of LBTC now?

0.0625 LBTC.


5) How can I get the transaction data created prior the network upgrade?

Currently, the official block explorer provides the transaction data only after the upgrade. For checking “prior-upgrade” transaction data visit Last Explorer http://last-explorer.lbtc.io/


6) Is there any other important information I should know about this network upgrade?

- Light wallet has been updated from multi-address mode to the single-address mode. After the upgrade, original wallet with imported private key and multi-address addresses will be converted into multiple wallets. We recommend sending coins from multiple addresses into one address and then imported into the new wallet.

- The original node data will be cleared before the upgrade, forging nodes need to be re-registered and reelected.


Feel free to ask any questions regarding the network upgrade at the official LBTC forum: http://chat.lbtc.io.


LBTC Network upgrade embark a new development stage of the project! Let us look forward to the new direction that SGS brings to LBTC! Thanks to all community members, cooperative exchanges and cooperation wallets for their support on this important stage of LBTC development!


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