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【Weekly】LBTC weekly report

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Technical Improvement

Full node wallet development progress

Launched Lightning Bitcoin testnet.

Light wallet development progress

Released v0.0.6

1. Added nginx load balance feature for lbtc light wallet server, to enhance user experience.

2. Added Chinese and Russian lauguage support in light wallet GUI.

3. Do not refresh table if no delegate selected when user click "StoreDelegates".

4. Added new light wallet server wallet-cn.lbtc.io/wallet-hk.lbtc.io and set them as the default server.

5. Changed default base unit to LBTC in wallet preference.

6. Removed "Zero after decimal point" and "Video Device" in Appearance.

7. Removed "Use multiple change addresses" and "Coin selection".

8. Removed "Sweep" menu in Wallet->Private keys menu.

9. Removed "Invoices" menu item in Wallet.

10. Removed "Plot" menu item in Wallet->History menu.

11. Removed "From QR code" menu item in Tools->Load transaction menu.

12. Fixed wallet crash when use "Pay to many" to pay to multiple address and click "Preview".

Blockchain explorer development progress

Preparing for update.


LBTC wallet update

LBTC light wallet latest version: v0.0.6.

The new version optimized operating experience, and added Chinese and Russian language options.

Please download the latest version on official website.


Scamming alert

Recently several fake twitter accounts has been reported.







Please note the difference between the real official Twitter @LightningBTC and the fake one. Beware of being deceived.

If you find more scammers, please help us report them and contact us directly. Thanks for your support to build a better LBTC community.


Official twitter: @LightningBTC

Community Progress

Mobile wallet was launched

The LBTC community has launched a mobile wallet that supports Android and IOS system, including transfer and voting functions.

Bying official website: http://bying.io/

Scan the QR code to download wallet:

New official block explorer is on the way

LBTC explorer v2.0 is going to be launched.

LBTC explorer v2.0 makes adjustments to the layout and UI of the website, also adds new query function, which results in a better visual and operational experience. It is currently under developing and will be launched next week.

Community is going to launch new explorer

LBTC community's new explorer is also on the way.

New version will have more functions and the interface will be simpler and clearer, so stay tuned.

LBTC Community Activity

WeLian invited Jack Zhang to give a lesson 

April 10, Jack Zhang, on behalf of LBTC, was invited by WeLian to give the lesson “What should we pay attention to in cryptocurrency investment” as a part of Blockchain first-tier actual combat courses”, which is a  launched by WeLian.

WeLian is a social app focused on blockchain entrepreneurship. All of the  entrepreneurs, investors, mediapractitioners can set up their own social networks on WeLian.

The syllabus includes:

  1. The threshold of investing cryptocurrency

  2. Project valuation model of ChainFunder

  3. Three key to investing in cryptocurrency

Jack Zhang was invited to share with iterduo

April 11th, Jack Zhang, on behalf of LBTC, shared his thoughts in the community of iterduo.com. The theme of the sharing session was: “Don’t let your past limit your imagination in blockchain investment.” He mainly describesd his experiences in blockchain investment and the outlook for the future.

Iterduo.com is a vertical media that focuses on intelligent hardware, artificial intelligence and technological innovation. They report news of blockchain, provide experiential evaluation articles of trendy technology and profile interview, serving thousands of professionals and enthusiasts of intelligent hardware. At present, Beijing office and Wuhan office have been built.

He mentioned several points in the sharing, such as "the advice of well-meaning person is useless", "don't let the past cognition limit your imagination," "the most important thing in the bear market is the mentality" and so on. LBTC was introduced in detail and Jack invited all members to witness the birth of this killer application.

Many questions were answered by Jack, including "the view of the bear market", "the most promising projects in the next two years", and the "suggestion for the novice of blockchain".

Over 10,000+ listeners has joined this sharing.

See whole article here: http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/QcXBgp-PES5O4Pc-xyt9Fg













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