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LBTC bi-weekly report

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Technology development

Technology white paper

LBTC technology team has been participated in writing new white paper.Currently we have make a clear plantation for the technology frame LBTC DEX which include main-chain layer,token BD layer,token layer,exchange layer.


The test of issuing token

LBTC technology team has tested the function of issuing Token and repair some flaws.After stable running in the test network,this function will be placed in LBTC main network.

The function issuing token is a critical foundation for gateway and decentralized exchange which makes it easier to dock with lbtc main network.


Test network support the function of inquiring transaction

Currently,lbtc test network support the function of inquiring transaction.

The function of issuing token in wallet will be completed soon.


LBTC white paper development

LBTC team has been writing the new white paper.This new white paper will emphasized the value of governance and production.

In the part of governance,we think that block chain is a living body which can evolve by itself and a wide accepted social experiment.Governance of block chain is a objective foundation of reaching a consensus,Meanwhile,it also provide a subjective view road map.At present,the part of on-chain governance of whit paper has been completed.we enrich and define the different role in LBTC network.And we also refine the SGS on-chain governance system making it more reasonable and efficient to adapt to the changed environment.

In the part of production,we have made plantation of decentralized exchange for its position and function. 

community development

Community member post in official form

Community member post in official form,what do you want to say about lbtc new white paper which present the expectancy of new white paper and hope more and more will participate in this discussion.


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