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Lightning Bitcoin
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Lightning Bitcoin: Test of the Mainnet source code

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First version of the Lightning Bitcoin Mainnet test has been officially launched on April 21 at 24:00.

Before releasing final version of Lightning Bitcoin source code it is crucial to conduct the test first. The current test network is a test environment that is fully consistent with the LBTC Mainnet. We invite community members to examine and verify the operability of the main network functionality. Users of the testing LBTC Mainnet will be provided with functions of code development, debugging, and network testing. The test network is accessible though the latest version of the Full Node wallet v1.1.1.

To synchronise the testnet data -> Start bitcoind and add -testnet parameter.

Lightning Bitcoin Team sincerely invites LBTC community members to test the security and stability of the LBTC consensus algorithm. The nodes started in this test have no quotas. To test transferring, voting and other operations, please apply for a quota coins to use in the testnet by joining the official LBTC Discord. There users will be able to communicate directly with LBTC technical team.

LBTC test network features:

  1. Testnet is not connected to the main network of LBTC, that reduces debugging costs.
  2. User of the testnet does not need to synchronise large datasets of blocks.
  3. Reduced occupation of system resources.

4. Blocks are evenly distributed.

5. Testnet has 10 forging nodes.

6. Test network forging speed is 3s.

Code contributors of the testnet will be awarded with LBTC for helping us polishing the code. Rewards will be awarded within five working days after the confirmation of fixing request.

Send your feedback to support@lightningbitcoin.io

Lightning Bitcoin encourages community to support and build a strong network together. After this test session, the LightningBitcoin network will become more stable and secure. It will allow more functions in the future and bring better experience to everyone.

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