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【Weekly】LBTC weekly report

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Important Milestone

LBTC will begin Lightning node election soon. Several well-known blockchain companies have announced the election. The rules will be revealed in the near future.

Technical Improvements

Full node wallet

1. Modified invoke commands to fix deadlock.

2. Completed DPoS datastore fault. When program exception, the full node wallet can recover the DPoS data.

Light wallet

1. Added language automatic detecting function, wallet use os language as its default language.

2. Made password dialog show only once when user do vote or cancel voting.

3. Removed the black backgroud dialog, and run without python embeded interpreter. The speed aslo have been improved to make experience better.

4. Cut wallet size from 257M to 20M, made it occupy less disk space. 

Blockchain explorer

In preparation for updating.

LBTC was listed in Cobo Wallet

April 17th, LBTC was listed in Cobo Wallet.  The official article shows that you can get approximate 170% return of LBTC by voting in their wallet. It uses smart voting system and profit allocation algorithm. Users do not need to vote manually but still get stable income.

Cobo Wallet's team includes the founder of the world's largest mining pool (F2Pool), Shen Yu, and former Facebook senior scientist and founder of coin bank, Jiang Changhao. And Cobo is a practical and comprehensive digital asset gain management wallet.

Official website: https://cobo.com/


LBTC published new light wallet tutorial

LBTC has published a tutorial for the latest version of light wallet (v0.0.6). In this tutorial, we have added details for how to change system language and how to vote. The article can be found in the menu of LBTC official account.

You also can click on the folowing link to see it: http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/6FUjZ9tLsVpS4gSUHj19jg


Node Capital participates in LBTC 

Lightning Node Election

April 13th, Node Capital announced to participate in the LBTC Lightning Node Election. Node Capital is a venture capital company that focus on blockchain investment and is one of the earliest professional investment institutions in the global blockchain industry. It aims to connect each part of the blockchain industry through project investment and cooperation. 

Node Capital's participation will help LBTC accelerate ecological construction without doubt.


LinkVC participates in LBTC Lightning 

Node Election

April 14th, LinkVC announced to participate in the LBTC Lightning Node Election. 

LinkVC is an emerging venture capital firm based in Singapore, focuses on investing in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and Internet financial services.

LinkVC's participatation will inevitably bring massive resources and make large contribution to LBTC community.


ColdLar participates in LBTC Lightning

 Node Election

April 16th, the famous hardware wallet, ColdLar, announced to join in the LBTC Lightning Node Election. 

The concept of seperation of network and non-network, God Seed Code plus Payment Password and Multi-signiture make ColdLar known as one of the most well-known hardware wallet.

We believe that ColdLar Wallet can not only help LBTC comunity attract more attention, but also provide hardware storage services for LBTC users.


BTCC participates in LBTC Lightning 

Node Election

April 19th, the BTCC Pool announced to join in the LBTC Lightning Node Election. BTCC established the largest and earliest bitcoin exchange in China. The BTCC pool is the most important business of BTCC company, and it is deployed globally to provide excellent service and competitive rates for miners.

Zhao Qianjie, the vice president of BTCC, said that he believes LBTC has a good futrue for investment and BTCC pool will be deeply involved in this election.

LBTC Community Development

 LBTC will join in K Site

Bitkan launched the K Site "100 Global Community Officers" Recruitment Plan, and LBTC will be one of the first to join in. 

K Site will be released as a new feature in the BitKan App. BitKan is a famous app for checking price of cryptocurrency in China. K Site will be a paid content eco-community dedicated in cryptocurrency & blockchain.

K-Site has the characteristics of a small community culture, multi-currency payments, token incentives, and expert nodes.

Considering these, we believe that K Site will further promote construction of LBTC's global community.

LBTC Community Activity

Lightning Program Rewards

The Lightning Program is still ongoing, and rewards of the community contribution of past three months will be given out soon.

The details of reward winning contributors will be revealed in LBTC forum, Medium and the official account.

Thanks for you all’s support in the past. The contributors in LBTC forum now can be counted in the Lightning Program as well. We encourage everyone to share your opinions and suggestions with us. It helps us establish a better and stronger community.

LBTC forum: http://chat.lbtc.io

  Jack Zhang attended GIES2018 summit

April 18th, Jack Zhang, on behalf of LBTC, was invited to give a speach in the 2018 Blockchain Plus Technology Application Summit Forum organized by LianJin Finance, Blockchain Finance Weekly, Blockchain Form and Yousheng Voice, co-sponsored by Dapao Rating, Future Finance, Golden Finance, 9 Billions Finance, Blockchain Learning and Tuoniao Blockchain.

The theme of this forum is blockchain plus application of technology. 10+ speakers share their opinions through speech, interactive discussions and case analysis, and hope to make more people understand blockchain development.


The Leader of LBTC Chinese Community, Jack Zhang, made a speech named “The Past, Present and Future of Blockchain” in the forum.

“We think that the blockchain should be divided into 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, considering the essential difference. Blockchain 1.0 is Bitcoin, 2.0 is smart contract, 3.0 is decentralized structure organizations. From the evolutionary process, there are mining, trading, application, and monopoly four parts. At present, it is the transition phase from transaction to application of blockchain,” said Jack Zhang. “The development of this world may logically be tribe, city-state, country, company then to DAO.” He also said that the blockchain technology will replace the intermediary finnally in near futrue in most industry.



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