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[LBTC Rewards] List of Lightning Bitcoin Community Early Awards!

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Soon after the launch, Lightning Bitcoin has gone through ups and downs, the period of testing, network settlement, continuous upgrades, incredible growth and constant development no matter how smashing was the recent bear trend in the crypto world. We are now getting stronger, lightning bitcoin flashes through the network with an incredible speed, and we can’t wait to fulfil all the goals we have set to make Lightning Bitcoin even better.

To be where we are now would not be possible without strong and passionate support from the LBTC community! Your outstanding contributions and enthusiasm during these three months helped the formation substantially.

Lightning Bitcoin team made a list of community members that we would like to thank and reward for great work! For further acceleration of sustainable development, Lightning Bitcoin encourages and invites all community members to join and work together side-by-side on the enhancement of the project.

Let’s starts!

Here is the list of community members that were outlined by an outstanding contribution to the development of the Lightning Bitcoin Network:

Grand Prize: Dmitrii (KryptoDima)

Contributions: Moderates English, Russian, Chinese telegraph groups, an active participant of the WeChat group, helps and answers questions, provides technical support for Lightning Bitcoin, built up its own version of LBTC block Explorer, Delegates Monitor, and Light Wallet Server.

Rewarded: 30 LBTC

First place: 117 (WeChat)

Contributions: Manages 7 LBTC WeChat groups, an average of 320 people per group, simultaneously cross-post and publish LBTC related information, gives patient and consistent feedbacks regarding various issues, active participant and creative community manager!

Rewarded: 25 LBTC

Second place:

- 7 (WeChat)

Contributions: Lightning community senior manager, manages 6 WeChat group, an average of 180 people per group. These groups have most active fans, №7 masterly creates topics of the discussion about the development of Lightning Bitcoin and involve everyone in it.

Rewarded: 17 LBTC

- Pulanding (Telegram)

Contributions: Moderate Russian chat in Telegram, contributed to the development of LBTC light wallet.

Rewarded: 17 LBTC

Third place:

- Maotai Jun (WeChat)

Contributions: Lightning community senior manager, operates two WeChat group, an average of 243 members per group, operates QQ group.

Rewarded: 15 LBTC

- Huang Kaiquan (WeChat)

Contributions: LightningBTC community active member, operates 7 WeChat groups, an average of 105 people per group, heart of LightningBitcoin, active and positive speaker.

Rewarded: 15 LBTC

- ALexus_OD (Telegram)

Contributions: Created and moderates Russian telegraph group.

Rewarded: 10 LBTC

- Cmmob R (Telegram)

Contributions: Created and moderates Lightning Bitcoin Reddit.

Rewarded: 10 LBTC

- alvarokoke1 (Telegram)

Contributions: Translated Lightning Bitcoin BTT Announcement into Spanish.

Rewarded: 10 LBTC

Special Award: sywlion (LBTC Forum)

An active user on LBTC Forum. Wrote numerous posts raising important issues together with consistent criticisms and suggestions regarding technology, market, etc., Effectively accelerated and promoted the discussion of lightning bitcoin in the community. The community needs such people who have the courage to express their views!

Rewarded: 3 LBTC

Active members award:

- On The Road (WeChat): Informative and consistent feedbacks on LightningBTC technology issues;

- Haobtc (LBTC Forum): Active member of the forum. Writing posts, commenting and keen on expressing his opinion regarding different topics related to LBTC development.

- Vison (LBTC Forum): Provides tech support and helps users to install and use PC light wallet.

Rewarded: 1 LBTC

Ifyou found your name in the list, please message your LBTC address, amount and name to Wechat: chain11223344, Telegram: kristikbot1, any moderator at the LBTC Forum or leave this info in the comments below, we will contact you! After verification, the reward will be granted within three working days.

Ifwe missed your contribution and did not put you on the list, please contact us as soon as possible. We will continue outline active members of the community and reward for contributions! The community reward system will be more complex and extensive along the development of the project.

Thank you for your support again! Together we will build a new strong network!

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