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[Exchange] CoinEgg and AEX exchanges open LBTC deposits!

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Following trade openings on BTCtrade.im and Digifinex exchanges, Lighting Bitcoin deposits have been successfully launched on another 2 trading platforms: CoinEgg and AEX


Coinegg & LightningBitcoin



AEX & LightingBitcoin

We are delighted to announce two more supporting exchanges that have just opened Lightning Bitcoin deposits! Lightning Bitcoin team has been working hard developing the network and expanding the community, this is just the beginning of all good news we prepared.


In order to express our gratitude, together with CoinEgg and AEX exchanges we have launched airdrop campaigns. Here are the details:

CoinEgg. Red Pockets

CoinEgg and Ligthing Bitcoin prepared hundreds of red pockets with free LBTC coins inside. Just go and get it!
Please refer to the Coinegg homepage announcement for more specific details.


Starting time: May 4th, 2018

1. On the main page find and click on the red packet, get the password is insert it to the CoinEgg App.
2. One red pocket per person.
3. Each session can be participated multiple times and does not conflict with other sessions on the platform.
4. The red packets coins will be automatically transferred to the account.

Note: The final interpretation of this activity is owned by Coinegg

AEX. Price Betting Competition

For AEX.com users Lightning Bitcoin and AEX team prepared “LBTC Price Betting” competition. Winners will share 200LBTC!
For details of the event, please refer to the AEX website homepage announcement.


Starting time: May 4 to May 7
1st. 5LBTC ≈2000CNC
2nd-3d 4LBTC≈1600CNC
4–10th 2LBTC per person ≈800CNC
11–50th 1LBTC≈400CN per person
1. Leave a comment below the event announcment and quiz LBTC’s highest price of the day.
2. Each user has only one chance to guess the price of the day. Repetitions will be based on the earliest guess price.
3. The participants have to authorised in the system (name authentication, Google verification and email verification).
4. During the competition 150 rewards will be send out. 
5. The top 50 participants whos betting are closest to the highest price will receive the corresponding LBTC award.

List published:
During the event, AEX will announce the daily list of winners in the event announcement.
Prize distribution:
1. Awards will be issued to individual accounts seven working days after the event ends;
2. Within the law, AEX reserves the right to final interpretation of the activity.

More Exchange listing are coming up this May! Stay tuned
LBTC is already online on:
LBTC has opened deposits on:

Landing on each trading platform is a small step on the LBTC’s road map. LBTC will continue to improve and update technologies, launch better user experience products, and develop more mature and prosperous community.


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