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【Weekly】LBTC weekly report

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Important Milestone

The LBTC team will host an open source conference on June 21

Lightning Bitcoin Open Source Conference will happen on June 21 in Shanghai.We have invitedSenior Blockchain developers and experts as well as  many well-known industy media to attend the conference. The conference is dedicated to the first public lecture featuring Lightning Bitcoin technology given by LBTC tech team. 

For more details, please follow our LBTC WeChat account or Twitter accounts.

Technical Progress

The LBTC team has completed the repair of the system, which stabilize the mainnet and improve its stability and security.

Accomplished work on code technical debugging and network optimisation will be presented by the Tech team on the Open Source Code Conference.

Completed code refactoring 1) re-examines the logic of the code and 2) improves the performance of LBTC network, 3) clarifies the architecture of LBTC mainnet, 4) maintains the stability of the LBTC network.

The refactoring and optimization of the code will lay a foundation for the stable development in the future.


FUBT postpones LBTC deposit and withdrawal services to the middle of June

FUBT platform’s server will be upgraded soon, which postpones LBTC deposit and withdrawal services to the middle of June. 

After the upgrade, the platform will be able to run thousands of tokens simultaneously. The upgrade will also improve customer experience with the new and improved functionalities.  

For more details, please see the FUBT official announcement. 

FUBT Website: www.fubt.top

Community progress

Article update of LBTC in Medium.com.

On May 25th, the LBTC team published a new article in the Medium entitled: Why is Lightning Bitcoin a good choice? The article gives detailed answers to the questions from @ ScamResolver in the LBTC community on Reddit. 

The specific section that answered the questions are related to "inactive addresses", "digital currency exchanges", "node decentralization", and "isolated witness addresses". 

The LBTC team appreciates the community members for their attention and support. You are always welcome to contact the LBTC team and ask questions as needed.

More FAQ-posts are coming soon with even heavier evidences and statistics so to reassure community members and strengthen network ties. 

Medium article link:


LBTC got posted on NewsBTC.

LBTC was reported by NewsBTC on May 28,2018. Article titled: lighting Bitcoin Implements DPoS, Set to Become the Best Blockchain Protocol.

NewsBTC is a professional blockchain industry media that aims to publish news articles, interviews, and other useful information to help users understand the Bitcoin ecosystem.NewsBTC attracts more than 100,000 visitors each month. NewsBTC provides users with news services that cover bitcoin news, technical analysis and Bitcoin price estimates, as well as other alternative-coin information.

This article discusses the pros and cons between Bitcoin’s PoW mechanism and LBTC’s DPoS in depth. The article suggests that LBTC has the advantage of DPoS mechanism. In addition, its proposed Byzantine fault-tolerant protocol can eliminate the synchronization problem of node caused by UTXO.

Article link:


Community Activities

The LBTC team interview with Deepchain Finance and Economics

The LBTC team was interviewed by Deepchain Finance and Economics on May 25,2018.Deepchain Finance and Economics published an article titled "Cruel story of Blockchain Forks: reshuffle is coming, a slim chance of surviving". 

Jack Zhang, the head of Chinese LBTC community, and SunshineBen, one of the LBTC's core developers, were interviewed by Deepchain. The interview launched a series of discussions, ranging from “double spend” attack to the origin of the forks and their future developments. The article mentions that “while some forks such as LBTC are actively developing the ecosystem, a lot of them are slowly fading away from the public eye. Bear market is coming, and the reshuffling of the forks has already taken place.” 

To define LBTC’s mission and goal in the near future, the core developer of LBTC said "LBTC is definitely going to be a decentralized public blockchain. The main development direction for LBTC is OnChain governance and payment gateway。"

Article link:


The LBTC attends "Bitpay wallet Tour in China"

Bitpay Wallet held a "Bitpay Wallet Tour in China" on May 27 in Guangzhou.

Wesley Zhang, from the Chinese LBTC community, represented LBTC to participate in the event and gave a presentation on the topic of “payments and Governance".  During the presentation, Wesley Zhang introduced the LBTC team’s thoughts on future payments and explained the planning of the DPoS model. The speech was divided into three sections, which were Payment, Governance, and Investment Direction & Logic.

In his speech, he said that the existence of LBTC acts as a balance among efficiency, security, and decentralization, which are the three elements of the impossible triangle. LBTC’s DPoS mechanism, along with the block size of 2m and the block-mining speed of 3s, can make the transfer efficiency of LBTC reach more than 1000 transactions per second.

Finally, Wesley made a summary of the current market, he said, so far partners whose wealth didn't grow significantly should be a little obsessive, waiting for the arrival of the next bull market. What we need to do now is to raise awareness and mentality in the bear market, grasp their own investment strategy, the real opportunity is mostly in the bear market.

Article link:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/0vSAvfJDgXErVaDGjKHPMg



Jack Zhang was interviewed by CoinVoice

Jack Zhang was interviewed by CoinVoice on May 29th,2018. Then, CoinVoice published an article titled "VOICE People | Jack Zhang don't have belief". 

Coinvoice is a leading community of blockchain innovators, providing professional coverage of encrypted strings, blockchain technology, and industry activities. The past interviewees include Wensheng Cai, Shiran Ma, Bo Shen, Gangqiang Li and etc. Based on the intense arguments between Jack Zhang and Zhuo Er Jiang, this article discovers Jack Zhang's personal beliefs and the early stage stories of his career in the blockchain industry: how he grows becoming a famous blockchain evangelist step by step and then created Chainfunder later on.

Article link:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/jS4kWKIBjr_2QuHmP-BYPA








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